New studies have shown that lung cancer affects more women than men compared to rates in previous years. In the late ’90s, the rate of lung cancer affecting women was 12% lower than lung cancer rates for men. Between 2010 and 2014, the rate has increased dramatically to 17% more than the lung cancer rate of men. In regards to women in the United States, research also indicates that about 85% of lung cancer is related to smoking. While it is logical to think that higher lung cancer rates are due to more women smoking, studies have shown that men still smoke more cigarettes per day compared to women.

What Could Be The Cause Of Higher Lung Cancer Rates In Women?

One possibility is that when female smokers quit smoking, the negative impacts of smoking continue to affect their bodies. Even when women quit smoking, they still have the risk of having lung cancer at a higher rate compared to men that quit smoking. Other studies have shown that women might be more biologically vulnerable to the damaging effects of smoking, however, these studies have concluded in mixed results. Another study showed that people who quit smoking before the age of 40 have a higher chance of developing lung cancer. A skillful house call doctor can perform a physical exam and run specific diagnostics to look for your risk for lung cancer based on your lifestyle and current symptoms if any are present.

Stop Smoking As Soon As Possible

In general, studies indicate that the rates of lung cancer have declined over time; However, the traditional male to female rates have flipped compared to previous years. In the United States, the annual rate of lung cancer in Americans born in the late 1960s is about 25 cases for every 100,000 women compared to 23 cases for every 100,000 men. These results show a massive change when compared with Americans born in the 1950s. The results show that men born in the 1950s have a higher chance of being affected by lung cancer compared to women born in the same time frame. At this point, the message for smokers (male and female) is clear: stop smoking as soon as possible. The idea that lung cancer only affects older smokers is entirely incorrect as lung cancer can negatively impact people even in their younger years.

Women And Lung Cancer

Worldwide, lung cancer is the third most common cancer in women with breast cancer and colon cancer affecting women more frequently. Lung cancer accounted for more than 580,000 cases and 490,000 deaths in 2013. Studies also show that women have a 50% chance of fatality annually from lung cancer compared to those affected by breast cancer. In the United States, the smoking rate for women increased dramatically between the 1930s and the 1960s which increased the mortality rate to women caused by lung cancer.

In conclusion, lung cancer can no longer be seen as a disease that only affects males or people over 50 years old. Although more uncommon, lung cancer can even affect relatively young women in their late 20s and 40s. Avoid polluting your body with harmful chemicals and start taking control of your health. If you are suffering from a constant cough or fatigue and you smoke, we recommend you talk to your healthcare provider or physician as soon as possible or by visiting the following site

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