Calling the local doctor and having them come to you was a frequent occurrence 50 years or so ago. Do you remember The Cleavers contacting the family doctor and having him show up on their doorstep whenever Beaver or Wally was sick? This was how things worked back then, and we are working to bring that back. 

Doctors making house calls has become less common over the years. It’s a shame, too, because around 80% of medical needs can be met without a hospital visit. 

Medical Centers and Why to Avoid Them

Speaking of hospitals, they are a major contributor to the decline of doctor house calls. Hospitals have evolved into multi-purpose care hubs. In fact, many hospitals now refer to themselves as “medical centers.” Such medical institutions frequently include inpatient and emergency department care and a component devoted to specific medical offices such as family practice and internal medicine, among others.

While this sounds fantastic, there’s a catch: who wants to go where all the sick people are when you have a condition that can be treated at home? Most of us have heard horror stories about people getting sick while living in a hospital or even visiting a loved one there. If there was a better option, and we could avoid hospitals altogether, most of us would.  

Unfortunately, many people have no choice because most doctors do not do house calls. But that’s where Desert Mobile Medial is different. We provide house calls and will even do your blood work at your home as well. There is no need for you to come to us, as we are set up to travel to our patients and work with our patients over the internet and phone. Call (480) 452-0086 today to find out more and how you can start working with us.

What Makes House Calls Better Than Traditional Medical Facilities?

Here at Desert Mobile Medical, we provide house calls. In fact, that is the basis of the structure of our system. Most of our medical appointments are done in your home or office or online. This allows us to provide better one on one care to our patients. There is no need to figure out how you will get to our office as we come to you. Not only do our doctors come to you, but all of our medical staff. We want to provide our patients with a level of care you won’t find at the traditional doctor’s offices, all from the convenience of your home.  

While many people think that house calls are a thing of the past, we are here to prove that this model works and works very well for everyone. Not everyone will need the doctor to come to their home for their appointment. For that reason, we also have options such as virtual appointments. These appointments are set up online through our safe and secure system. This allows you to stay at home and lets our doctors speak with you directly about your health care concerns and needs. Things such as blood pressure checks, for example, can be done in this manner, saving everyone commuting time. 

If this all sounds too good to be true, we assure you that it is not. Call (480) 452-0086 today to learn more.