When you are sick, the last thing you want to do is get in a car and drive somewhere. Furthermore, you don’t want to sit in a waiting room with other sick people, possibly contracting more germs. This is a very common situation for many people. However, they don’t realize there are other options. Not only can you call on a house doctor for those times when you are sick, but you can also call on a house call doctor to help you with a variety of medical conditions. If you cannot drive, you don’t have to worry about finding rides, as the doctor will come to you.

A house call doctor will do the same thing as you would if you went into the office. You will have an exam. They can check your blood pressure and ask you questions. Sometimes there isn’t a need for an exam. In this case, you can have a virtual appointment that allows both the doctor and patient to connect via telehealth. This can be done from a smartphone, which most everyone has these days.

Virtual Appointments

Virtual appointments are very simple and are great for various reasons, but the best benefit is that nobody has to travel anywhere. This saves so much time and the need for the infrastructure for the medical facility.  These savings are passed down to the patients.  In fact, most patients are pretty surprised at how affordable the health care offered by Desert Mobile Medi l is.  We take great pride in providing some of the very best medical services that cater to our patients in their homes.  Our affordable health care options work with various patients to help them get the treatment they need without the restrictions you might run into when working within the traditional health care system.  

We cut out the middleman and offer our services direct, meaning that you don’t need insurance to access affordable and the best available health care.  While we take everyone that would like to join our services, keep in mind that we will not bill your insurance c company. That is up to you if you should want to do so.  This, again, will save you a lot of additional costs that you find in traditional medicine.  

What is the Difference between Traditional Health Care and a House Call Doctor?

A house call doctor can do everything a traditional family doctor can do.  There are mobile options for lab testing, vaccinations, hormone replacement therapy, IV Nutrition and IV drips, medications, massage therapy, physical therapy, and diagnostic imaging.  All you have to do is set up an appointment and get started.

Save time and effort by using a house call doctor and avoid sitting in the waiting rooms full of sick people. Desert Mobile Medical is here to answer all of your questions regarding our s stems. We understand that the concept might be hard to grasp at first.  Getting a house call that is less costly than going to a traditional doctor?  But, after we explain how things work and how we operate, things start to make sense.   Call (480) 452-0086 today!