We don’t always think about having a mobile family doctor in Scottsdale when you need medical care. However, why not? Many people hear about mobile doctors and think that they will be expensive. However, that isn’t the case. We have set up our medical model to ensure that our patients get the best care at an affordable rate. We do not accept insurance as the insurance companies tend to force us to charge more than we would simply charge our clients. Our goal is to bring affordable health care to our patients. It is that simple.

Virtual Doctors Appointments

During virtual doctor’s appointments, patients can meet their doctor via video calls. This makes it easier for patients and keeps them sick at home. However, there are some things that you simply cannot do virtually, such as taking the patient’s vitals and bloodwork. But, we can go over the results of the different tests and give the patient some options to assist them with their healthcare concerns.

Having virtual doctor’s appointments means that you aren’t sitting in a cold room waiting for your doctor. Rather, you get on a simple call and talk to your doctor about your current medications, how you have been feeling, and any concerns you might have.

Virtual appointments are perfect for those that are looking to have their medications looked at. If you feel you are having some side effects and other things. As a mobile family doctor in Scottsdale, we offer virtual doctor appointments.  Give us a call and let’s get you scheduled.

When using a mobile family doctor in Scottsdale, you will see them virtually most of the time. However, there are other times that they will need to come to you to draw some blood or for another test. This is all done in your home. We also offer hormone replacement therapy that you can do in the convenience of your own home. This can be for either men or women. If you aren’t quite feeling yourself and want to look into hormone replacement, give us a call.

Finding the Right Family Doctor for Your Family

Finding the right doctor for your family can be a difficult task. One of the most important things to consider is that not every doctor will fit into your family’s lifestyle. Some practices are better suited for the elderly, while others are ideal for parents with young children. You also need to determine what insurance you have and who will take your insurance. However, with Desert Mobile Medical, you don’t have to worry about that as we don’t take any insurance. We are a cash service that offers more affordable healthcare to those that need it, no matter what your insurance company is.

Because we don’t take insurance, we are not dictated by them but by you. If you feel that you need a particular medical test done, we are happy to provide that. We work for you and not your insurance company. This allows us to provide exceptional care for our clients.

Some clients don’t feel safe going to the doctor’s office. You may have a compromised immune system that shouldn’t go to the doctor’s office where you will be exposed to random illness. A mobile family doctor in Scottsdale is your perfect solution.