The Benefits of Having a House Call Doctor

House-call doctors offer several advantages to patients. It is convenient, safe, and does not require long lines in a waiting room. House-call doctors are highly trained and can help detect and manage various health concerns. It is possible to receive excellent, affordable care without leaving the comfort of your home.

It is a convenient way to receive care.

Using a house-call doctor is convenient for patients who are sick or cannot go to the doctor’s office. House-call doctors can also provide care over the phone or via video chat. Furthermore, they can refill prescriptions and help patients with health issues that are not life-threatening.
It saves time and money.

Another benefit of having a house doctor come to your home is that it saves time and money. Usually, when going to the doctor, patients must take time off of work, take the time to travel to the office, or even find temporary childcare. A house doctor eliminates all of these stressful worries. It makes receiving necessary care stress-free.

It is a safe option for the elderly.

Having a doctor come to your home is a safe and suitable option for seniors. It is a less rushed approach to care that helps them avoid the high costs and discomfort of going to the clinic. In addition, a house-call doctor offers a more thorough examination and treatment than a visit to the emergency room.

Medicare, the government’s health insurance program for seniors, offers house calls for qualified patients. In 2013, 5,000 primary care providers made more than 1.7 million house calls to Medicare clients. In addition to Medicare, many house-call physicians accept private insurance.

Reduces the chance of patients being exposed to germs.

While attending a public doctor’s office, the potential risk of being exposed to germs is very high. It is always imperative to attempt to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from sicknesses, especially during flu season. Having a house doctor eliminates this risk as you do not have to spend time waiting in public waiting rooms that are crowded.

It is a perfect antidote to physician burnout.

Physician burnout is a growing issue. It affects doctors at all stages of their careers. A recent survey of more than 15,000 physicians found that 42% reported feeling burned out. Physician burnout equates to poor medical care of patients. Several causes of burnout are outlined, including inadequate resources, a lack of autonomy, and a lack of rewards.

Physician burnout is associated with higher turnover rates and medical errors. Additionally, it is linked to increased alcohol misuse rates. Burnout can also deplete a physician’s energy, leading to feelings of inadequacy and inefficacy.

House-call doctors have a much lower rate of physician burnout! This is because it allows physicians to remain independent and continue practicing medicine without compromise. It also allows for sufficient time with each patient, thus significantly reducing hospitalizations and costs.

About Desert Mobile Medical

Desert Mobile Medical offers direct primary healthcare, which is a type of healthcare that ensures the patients are the number one priority. This means that other factors that are usually important in regular medical practices would be put to the side to ensure the patient receives the best care. Desert Mobile Medical practices this type of healthcare model by making sure that their patients receive treatment when needed.

The medical practitioners also ensure that their patients are not impacted by the time limits of the appointment, unlike most traditional medical practices. Desert Mobile Medical sees the value in putting its patients first, which is why this mobile practice aims to provide its patients with accessible and affordable medical care.

Desert Mobile Medical also offers in-home primary care. They want to make sure you receive the best quality care that is adapted to your needs. If you have any questions, give them a call!