Is A Scottsdale House Call Doctor The Best Option?

Scottsdale House Call Doctors – How Mobile Medical Services Are Benefiting Families In AZ

Many people are suffering from diseases and illnesses that are not easy to take care of. Going to places like a clinic or hospital might be almost impossible for some of us. For me, a House call doctor in Scottsdale is the solution. You will get personalized treatment and a doctor that knows your medical history.

Reasons you may need a house call doctor

Scottsdale House call doctors come highly recommended. They are available to schedule appointments on the same day, the next day, and even on weekends.

A big difference that I have noticed with house call doctors is that they provide a more customer-friendly service in comparison to the services that a normal family doctor provides. With typical family doctors, there is no intermediary between the doctor and you. The doctor is working for the insurance company, not for you. That means the customer service you get might not be great.

There is a study for people with chronic knee pain from arthritis that is receiving a new treatment called “Cool radiofrequency ablation” or “COOLIEF” to relieve pain. Sometimes, this is because they cannot receive surgery, as they are not immediate candidates for knee replacement surgery. This treatment helps people to live a normal life without pain. The pain is reduced by at least 50%, six months after the procedure. Where would you prefer to receive this type of treatment? Definitely in the comfort of your home. Trying to get around with tremendous knee pain and risk hurting the knee even further doesn’t have to be your only option. The smart choice is to use the services of a House Call Doctor.

What type of services does a house call doctor provide?

· Primary Care Services – house calls

· Prescriptions and Medication – in-home medical care for you

· Mobile Lab Tests – in-home routine lab tests, like blood testing services

· Vaccinations – to protect you and your family

· Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Services – diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions

· Hormone Replacement Therapy – to restore the imbalance of testosterone or estrogen in your body

Self-care is one of the most important aspects of life. Your health does not only affect you but can also affect your family and loved ones. Having control over your health and having a dedicated Mobile House Call Doctor in Scottsdale means more time to spend with loved ones and to live your best life.

Contact your house call doctor in Scottsdale to experience the unhurried care of a concierge doctor, Desert Mobile Medical | Concierge Physicians, with over 35 Five-Star reviews on Google, and many more concierge medical services that can help provide you with convenient, affordable, and reliable healthcare at home. Check out their website for more information at to learn more about how having a House Call Doctor can benefit you and your loved ones.

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