Using A House Call Doctor

You might think that in today’s sophisticated healthcare setting, house calls have gone the way of the horse and carriage.

Not so, according to studies, the number of house calls has doubled for out-of-office Medicare patients in recent years. Interestingly, according to the same study, fewer physicians are making house calls than in prior years, resulting in a surplus of treatment options for doctors who want to practice this.

In addition, for a senior who has expressed discomfort while being transported to your office, or for a busy mom who can’t take time off work to bring her children in when she suspects they have pink eye, scheduling something at home can mean the difference between patients receiving the care they require or skipping medical treatment entirely.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of using a house call doctor.

Improved Care

When a patient is unwell or confined to their home, they require the highest level of care. Having the doctor visit you at home ensures that you receive undivided attention.  You are not one of many patients in a crowded office. Because your waiting area is also your living room, there is no need to be concerned about long wait periods.

Seeing patients in their homes provides insight into critical social and environmental issues that may be overlooked in the clinic. It enables the doctor to view the big picture, resulting in a broader spectrum of care. You’ll also be calmer.  This will result in more thorough exams and engaging interactions with your doctor.

A Better Alternative

Another advantage of pursuing visiting physician services is that it is a safer method of providing care. You can prevent picking up unwanted bacteria or viruses, which is especially crucial for elderly or frail patients. Those who are immunocompromised are at the greatest risk of becoming ill following a doctor’s appointment. However, exposure to other new germs can be avoided by seeing a house call doctor.

House calls also help to prevent emergency room visits and hospital admissions. You have regular checkups, usually monthly, so the doctor can remain on top of your care and keep you out of the hospital as much as possible. Here at Desert Mobile Medical, all physician clinicians are pre-screened regularly, wear personal protective equipment, and adhere to all safety rules.

More Time for Quality

House calls allow you and your family to spend more quality time together while also having the peace of mind that quality medical care is only a phone call away. Furthermore, Desert Mobile Mecial offers in-home testing such as ultrasounds, blockwork, ELGs and  X-Rays, and so on can be scheduled, saving you the time of having to travel to laboratories or other offices to have tests performed.  This will save you a lot of time and exposure by staying home and allowing us to come to you.

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